Former child star and Rilo Kiley member Jenny Lewis released Acid Tongue in 2008, which was inferior to 2006’s more country tinged Rabbit Fur Coat. The first single was Carpetbaggers, featuring an unnecessary guest spot from professional collaborator Elvis Costello. Seriously, does he ever say no? The melody of the verse will sound familiar because it was first used by Neil Young in Love is a Rose originally written in 1974 for the unreleased album Homegrown, and later being released in 1977 on the compilation Decade which consisted of three lps.

Jenny Lewis and Neil Young

Jenny Lewis takes a relatively safe turn in the chorus with a major chord and “here’s the chorus,” while Young has a subtle but effective retooling of the verse’s melody for his more delicate refrain. It’s interesting to note that the melody for Love Is A Rose was taken from one of his unreleased songs, Dance Dance Dance, which eventually saw its release on 2007’s Live at Massey Hall 1971. Also, Linda Ronstadt had a #5 country hit with the song on her Platinum 1975 album Prisoner In Disguise. I also hear a bit of That Thing You Do by The Wonders (written by Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne and The Tinted Windows) in the intro.

Here’s an audio clip of the two melodies:


Here’s a video of Neil Young playing Love is a Rose in Portland in 2007: