Yikes, this one might for the courts. Lifehouse released a song called Whatever it Takes from the 2007 album Who We Are that pretty much uses the same exact melody for its chorus as Don’t Go Away by Oasis from 1995’s What’s the Story Morning Glory. I guess they’ll do whatever it takes to get on FM radio. Oasis had a pretty good run from 1995-1999 with a slew of hits from Noel Gallagher, but things seemed to change around 2000 with the release of Standing on the Shoulder of Giants and some internal rifts within the band that went beyond the classic sibling squabbling we’ve come to adore in this band. Noel, are you out there? There might some back royalties here waiting for you.

Oasis vs Lifehouse

Lifehouse originally started as a Christian Rock Band with frontman Jason Wade in Los Angeles called Blyss in 1999, but changed their tune when they realized the power of the darkside and became reborn as LIFEHOUSE in 2001 after seeing their favorite film from that year Life as a House starring Kevin Kline (unverified). They had mucho success in top 40 land with the single Hanging by a Moment which, in turn, left us all hanging from bridges. OK, so I faintly overheard Whatever it Takes in a shopping mall browsing through the clearance clothing rack and actually thought it was Oasis. They both have a meloncholic but hopeful melody, as well as lyrics, with one song asking not to leave while the other is claiming to do whatever it takes to fix things.

Here’s a sample audio starting with Oasis:


Here’s Oasis playing Don’t Go Away live in Manchester in 1997: