Finger Eleven is back with vengeance, and a ripoff. The Canadian alt metal band came into the world in Burlington, Ontario as The Rainbow Butt Monkeys. Which name is better? It’s kind of a wash. How about the Finger Eleven Butt Monkeys? Is that available?

franz ferdinand vs finger eleven

Franz Ferdinand formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2001 and delighted history teachers throughout the U.S. that instantly gained 2% street cred for knowing all about Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Take Me Out became a big hit in the UK and a modest hit in the US in 2004, with it’s unique composition and catchy guitar hook. Finger Eleven lifted this idea in Paralyzer which was a big hit for the band in the U.S. in 2008.

Here’s a nice mash up from SKRATCH N SNIFF:

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