Kimya Dawson recently brushed elbows with lady mainstream with the soundtrack to Juno (screenplay written by Diablo Cody in a Target Starbucks in Crystal, Minnesota) and the standout track is Anyone Else But You, which is a song by her band the Moldy Peaches. It’s a catchy melody, with it’s “doo doo da doo doo da doo doo…” part that kind of cycles over and over. I bet Axl Rose digs this little lick too, because if you change it to an electric guitar (with distortion) and speed it up, it turns into the driving riff on Paradise City . You know…where the grass is green and the girls are pretty? This led me to ponder earlier versions of these golden notes which brought me to New York, New York by Frank Sinatra. Yep, there they are in the intro of the music. There’s a few extra notes in there, but it’s more or less the same backbone.

kimya dawson - axl rose - frank sinatra


Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today for Paradise City with anyone else but you.