katy perry roar sara bareilles brave

Katy Perry is an outed Sara Bareilles fan according to her twitter. Roar and Brave are essentially the same song. They have the same backbeat and tune for vocals, and a prepared piano track poppin’ on the four count, which in itself is a ripoff of Jay Z’s Hard Knock Life and many other hip hop songs of that era. The songs even have the same message about being strong and hangin’ tuff (you gotta be). Finally, both are also nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance. Maybe they can share it? Maybe John Mayer will get confused and his head will explode. According to press reports, Perry and Bareilles are besties and don’t care about this hullabaloo.

I’m surprised the band Survivor didn’t try to sue Katy for using Eye of the Tiger as a lyric, since they really like to sue anything that comes close to their breadwinner royalty cash cow. They tried to sue the CBS show Survivor, but Jeff Probst snuffed out their torches pretty quickly.

Anyway, here’s a stellar mash up you should put on your Zune or Sega Saturn:

john mayer funny face